Condition for Admission

  • All students must attend the Morning Prayer, class time must comply with uniform.
  • Admission is open only for those students who are Sunni. Child should be hard working, disciplined, interested in studies. His age should be above 10 years so that he can take care of himself and his hygiene.
  • To be present in the Masjid before Maghreb Call in particular and in every prayer with congregation in general, is mandatory.
  • Taking any Madersa books out without permission of In charge and inscription in issue register is a punishable offence.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken on unauthorized exit from JamiaRaza-e Mustufa. On continued absence from class for more than 15 days without prior leave or information, the student will be expelled from JamiaRazaeMustufa
  • 75% attendance in every class is necessary; otherwise student will not be allowed to participate in the exam.
  • All student Must wear I card
  • Hair size must be less than hand grip.
  • It is compulsory for all the students to be well- mannered and well- behaved. students should prevent themselves by watching cinema, eating paan, paan masala, tobacco, cigarette, bidi, etc.


  • To apply for the Hifz Program candidate should know reading Quranic scripts correctly.
  • For Molviyat course only those students are eligible who have passed class 5th.

Rules related admission

  • Admission of the candidate may be cancelled at any time if any information, furnished by the candidate at the time of admission is found to be incorrect.
  • The admission of a candidate will not be regarded as completed unless he has an Admit Card issued by Jamia Raza-e-Mustufa.


  • Half-yearly Examination

Jamia is closed on 10th of Rabi ul awwal, before closing Jamia written examinations held it aims is that to check academic achievements of the students whom they got during the six months.

  • Annual Examination

This exam held in the end of session in the month of Shaban, in this exam few subjects examine orally also.